Saturday, January 5, 2013

CIA creating real life Manchurian candidates?


A group of US military veterans claim the government messed with their minds, implanted microchips and electrodes and conducting of mind control experiments.
They are alleging top secret CIA, military and even university scientists experimented on them with the purpose implanting remote control devices in their brains to eventually turn them into robot-like assassins.
The members of the group claim the tests were conducted at the Army's Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland between 1950 and 1975. The US military site was known for testing, but mainly for chemical and biological nerve agents.
Now the group is suing the US government for answers.
Dr. Colin A. Ross, the president and founder of the Colin A. Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma said there are stories from survivors and there are official government documents regarding the allegations.
The documents detail hypnosis, LSD, interrogation and electro-implant experiments. The electro-implant experiments were first conducted on animals, and they controlled via remote transmitters, he explained.
"Electrodes are put into dolphins and the dolphins are directed by remote transmitter to deliver a bomb to a target, there is discussion of similar technology in cats and other animals," Ross said. "There is research funded by the Office of Naval Research published in mainstream journals where electrodes are put into the brains of cats, dogs and their behaviors controlled and even human beings at Harvard and Yale, so this is absolutely documented fact."
Ross said operators were able to force animals to walk or swim to designated areas, and in humans control limited actions, such as hitting a wall, staring into space or strumming a guitar.
Participants in the testing programs were volunteers, however most did not truly understand what was going on.
"The people didn't really know what was going on," Ross said. They were basically tricked."
There are probably active "Manchurian candidate sleepers" thought the world today, he argued. Mind control technology has been known about for decades and there are a range of usable technologies, ranging from electrode implants to brainwashing.
Ross said he is certain such experiments are ongoing today, but he cannot prove it because it is classified.

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